Service Policies/Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to use our services, you agree to the following policies, terms and conditions. Please be aware that this policy can change at any time without notice.

  1. Privacy
    1. All media sent to us for editing purposes is never shared with anyone outside of Muze Media
    2. All personal information is never shared with anyone outside of Muze Media
    3. All finished media is stored on a OneDrive account for up to 30 days, with Two-Factor Authentication enabled on the account
      1. After 30 days, the media is removed to ensure extra privacy, however may be reuploaded for up to 1 year after the original upload date upon request from the client
  2. Project Approval
    1. By approving the Work Estimation, you agree to
      1. The policies as stated on this page
      2. That the work description on the Work Estimation is correct and accurate
      3. To pay Muze Media at least the total estimate price as stated on the Work Estimate
        1. Price may vary based on hours required to complete the edit
  3. Payment
    1. Clients will receive a Work Estimation document, which will state a rough price estimation as to how much Muze Media estimates the final price will be
      1. If the price will end up costing more than initially stated in the Work Estimation, all work on the project is haulted, and Muze Media will contact the client and wait for approval before continuing
    2. Upon approving of the final (low-quality) edit, Muze Media will send you an invoice which must be paid before receiving the link
      1. If the client does not approve of the final edit, Muze Media may complete the necessary changes to ensure that a revised version of the edit gets approved from the client
    3. Upon payment of the amount stated on the invoice, Muze Media will provide you with a link to download the high-quality version of your edit within 1-3 business days.
      1. Muze Media will not send the link to a high-quality version of an edit until the total amount stated on the invoice is paid in full
    4. Payment must be made within 15 days of the invoice date
      1. Extensions may be made upon client request and approval from Muze Media
      2. If payment is not made within 15 days, see §6.4
    5. The invoice will be sent via PayPal, which will also be used for processing your payment
    6. Taxes will be applied to clients who are located within Canada, based on their province
  4. Project Archiving
    1. All projects will be moved to our archive upon completion on a private, local file server
      1. Upon request from the client, we will delete all files from our archives
        1. Please be aware that if deleted from our archives, we will be unable to return to the project if needed
    2. Refunds
      1. Refunds are not available unless offered by Muze Media
    3. Rights
      1. Muze Media reserves the right to refuse service to anyone without reason
      2. Muze Media reserves the right to cancel an order at any given time without notice
        1. Because payment is not made until after the edit is completed, refunds are not applicable
      3. Muze Media reserves the right to extend a project deadline past the initial date given in the Work Estimation
      4. Muze Media reserves the right to press charges/sue the client if not paid within the deadline given in §3.4/3.4.1
      5. Muze Media reserves the right to delete all project files from editing workstations and archives at any time without notice
      6. Muze Media reserves the right to determine an edit is complete and request payment after at least 2 revisions are made and sent to the client
        1. Muze Media reserves the right to charge any extra fees required for the additional revisions