Privacy Policy

Here at Muze Media, we know your information is important to us, and we treat it the same way we want, and demand from other websites the way ours is treated. 

First off, we cannot see things like locations, or devices of individual users. All we have access to is how many people visit each page, how many times the same person visits a page in a day, what search engine queries were clicked to get to our website, what percentage of people are using desktop vs. mobile, and what IP addresses visit which pages on a specific day and time. With that said,

  • We will not give away or sell your IP address or content viewed to anyone or anything
  • We ourselves will not store or keep records of which IP addresses visit which page on which day and at which time

Your information is your information, and we don't ever want to change that. We believe that people should choose where that information goes, and we will not do anything with it. For more on this topic, please visit and read the Squarespace Privacy Policy.

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