Copyright Information

When you take a picture, video, record some audio, or make anything else, you expect that you own that footage, recording, photograph, etc. Well, we do. Everything hosted on this website is copyrighted by Muze Media, and may not be used on any other website without our strict approval, no matter what the use.

Even with that being said, we understand that there are fair use policies that grant people the rights to use photographs and videos for things like reviews, educational purposes, and more. We ask that you please get our approval before using anything on this website for your own content, reviews, assignments, or whatever. We're nice people, and will probably allow it as long as credit is given, but we still require you to ask before you take. Thank you for respecting our property, as we would do the same for yours.

When we take your photograph or record you, you might be wondering what we might do with the images/videos. Here's a brief outline of the Canadian photography/copyright laws:

  • The photographer owns every photo taken, along with select rights
    • Muze Media owns all distribution rights for any photograph or video recorded by a Muze Media employee. This includes the right to publish online, sell the photograph, and more, all with or without compensation unless otherwise agreed upon with the subject/person within said photograph/video recording
  • The photographer owns the photograph's copyright based on timelines set by the Canadian copyright act, which is the lifetime of the photographer until their death, plus 50 years.
  • We have the right to photograph anyone/anything on public property, including sidewalks, parks, public buildings, etc. If you are photographed by us whilst on public property, please notify us that you don't wish for your image to be used. Most of the time, we will respect this and not use the image, but please be aware that we do reserve the right to use it.

For more, please read the Canadian Copyright Act.