Pixel Art Help: Pro Activation

Sometimes things happen, and a little bit of TLC is needed to get it working again.

Pixel Art 11

Re-Activating Pixel Art Pro

Sometimes, things can happen, whether it be reinstalling Pixel Art, or just an unexpected error with your system settings, sometimes thing go wrong, and Pixel Art Pro might become unactivated. This is a known issue between some updates, and a fix is being looked into. Until then, there is a way to get your activation back up and running!

Just go to the 'Donate/Activate' tab, and click the 'Check For Previous Activation' button, and let Pixel Art do the work. If all goes well, you'll have Pixel Art Pro back up and running within a couple of seconds. If not, then manual activation may be required. Check your email for your activation code, or contact support if needed.