colourdock pinned colours

Pinning a colour

ColourDock allows you to pin up to seven colours for use whenever you need them. Unlike recent colours, these colours will not disappear after the slots get full. Pinned colours are best for saving colours that you frequently use. To pin a colour, you can either right-click on a recent colour slot, and click 'Pin Colour,' or you can right-click on an empty pinned colour slot and click either 'Set Colour (Dropper)' or 'Set Colour (HEX/RGB).'

Assigning labels to pinned colours

You can also assign a label to pinned colours, which will help you better identify them. For example, you might want to pin a colour for your business, then assign it a label of the business name. To assign a label, right-click on a pinned colour, and click 'Assign Label.' Then, type in what you want the label to display, and click 'SAVE.' The label will appear whenever you mouse over the colour.

unpinning a colour

To unpin a colour, simply right-click on a pinned colour, and click 'Unpin Colour.'