What Is It

Want even more from Pixel Art? Well, look no further than Pixel Art Pro, a paid-version of Pixel Art that both helps support future development of the software, and gives you lots of exclusive features that are only available to Pro users! But, what exactly does Pixel Art Pro get you, and do for you that the free, basic version doesn't? Check out the list below to find out!*

  • Import any image of any size
  • Pixelate any picture
    • Take any normal picture and have Pixel Art automatically pixelate it for use in a Large Grid project
    • Pixelate a picture for use as your desktop wallpaper
  • Replace Colours
    • Quickly change a shade that you've used, replace the background, or more
  • No 'Donation' ads
    • 'Donate' banner in menu bar says 'Pixel Art' - can be turned off entirely
    • 'Donate' pop-up upon close is never shown again (as long as activation remains valid)
  • Save as Sprite
    • Take your Large Grid project and save it as a 1:1 pixel ratio, also known as a sprite
  • Save with Tranparency
    • Save images with a transparent background instead of a solid colour like white
  • Exclusive Themes
    • Get exclusive themes/colours
  • Grid Ruler
    • Find the centre of any grid without having to count
    • Automatically divides the grid into sections
  • And more to come as time goes by!

How To Get Pixel Art Pro

To donate, please click the 'Donate' button in the top-right corner of the menu bar in Pixel Art 10. If using Pixel Art 11, click the 'Settings' icon in the side bar, then click the 'Donate/Activate' tab. You can also click 'Get Pixel Art Pro' in the top-right corner of the window. 

Is My Information/Credit Card Safe

Yes! None of your credit card information is stored within Pixel Art, nor our website or any of our servers. Credit card information is sent directly to Stripe (and only Stripe), and all we have access to seeing are the last 4 digits on your credit card, the expiration date, country, the type of card used, and your email. We will not do anything with this information, nor will we access it "just because" or sell it to someone or a company or anything, period. Your information will only be accessed if you require us to look up your activation code, then it will be used for confirmation. 

We've bought a large number of things online, just like anyone else, and we know how important your information being safe is, so we treat it as if it were our information we would be giving. In our opinion, people don't have the right to sell it or access it whenever they want for no reason. If we access any of your information, you will be notified by email stating so. We do also receive an email notification when a purchase is made which will contain your email, but any other pieces of information will not be accessed by us without your permission (unless requested by authorities, or in extreme/rare circumstances).

Legal Stuff

Please note that by activating your Pixel Art Pro activation code, you are agreeing to the terms of usage as described during the installation process of Pixel Art. Not all listed features may be available if your version of Pixel Art is not up to date. We reserve the right to deactivate your copy of Pixel Art Pro at any time without notice - should this occur, a partial or full refund may be given. If your activation code is disabled, all PA Pro features will no longer function.

By stating that new features/changes/updates will come as time goes by, that means that while new features are planned, no features are guaranteed to be coming out within a set time frame. New features are not required to come out on a set basis, but will follow a "as ready" basis, meaning that when a new feature is ready and deemed ready for public use, it will be released. We do not have to release a new feature, but like previously stated, new features are planned to continue to thank those who purchased.

To read more terms of use/purchase, click here.

* The list of exclusive features is based on having the latest version of Pixel Art installed