Tech'd Gets a New Logo, Redesigned Website

For those that don't know, Muze Media runs a technology news based website called Tech'd, with the focus of writing in a way and about news that will appeal to everyone who buys any form of technology rather than just the enthusiasts, nerds and geeks. Well, we've done some changes to make it even better.

First off, we introduced a brand new logo, and a redesign of the entire website. The new logo and design make it feel much more modern and at home in 2017. We spent quite a lot of time and effort into making sure that the design was perfect, so we hope that you like it!

On top of the new design, we also made the decision to reduce the number of ads on the website. This means that there are no longer ads in the sidebar, or in the header. There is still the one at the bottom of each article, and articles will have small ads placed within them sometimes, but overall, the number of ads are down to make it a more enjoyable experience for you.

So, go to Tech'd today to check it out, and we hope that you like it!


ColourDock 2.2 - Coming Soon

One of the most requested features for ColourDock has always been better handling when being used on a high pixel density display. You see, Windows was never designed to properly handle high pixel density displays, meaning that it is a nightmare for developers to properly work with.

That is why ColourDock has always only partially worked on these screens. But, as soon as the scaling in Windows is changed to anything other than 100%, ColourDock lost all functionality of the colour grabber. Luckily, we've finally cracked the secret to fixing this.

So, in ColourDock 2.2, set to launch early September, we will finally introduce scaling options for displays at either 100%, 125%, 150%, 175% and 200% scaling. This means that on 4K displays, 1080p laptops, Microsoft Surface devices, and more will all be able to use ColourDock to its fullest extent.

More scaling options will be coming in a future update to ensure even further compatibility. This update will also introduce a way to pick colours from the colour spectrum chart, bring some bug fixes, and more. ColourDock 2.2 will be coming out in early September, so keep an eye out for it!

Welcome to the Muze Media News Blog

As a part of our move of trying to keep everything more centralized under the Muze Media branding, we felt it only necessary to introduce a proper news blog!

This news blog will be primarily aimed towards keeping you up to date on what we're working on, whether it be new videos, photography projects, software news, and more.

It might be empty right now, but don't worry, it will soon fill up!