This is Muze Media, where our goal is simple: we set out to exceed expectations, push ourselves further and further, and create stunning results because of our dedication, hard work, and our never-give-up attitude.

Originally just a software company, eventually evolved to a full-on multimedia business, making stunning works of art in forms of videos, photographs, music, and more.

Anyone can snap a picture, or take a video. It's as simple as pulling a phone out of their pocket. Sure, some of the pictures and videos might look good, but that doesn't require skill, and isn't art. Art requires you to make it, not taking it. Art is making a photograph. Art is making a video. It's time to step beyond what people are seeing on social media. It's time to blow their minds. It's time to redefine the digital world.


Back in 2009, Tytan McBride had created a program designed to combine a music player and a web browser within a single window. Called Museb (part "music" and part "web"), this was released in Fall 2009. From there, the name was further simplied to Muse in v2.0, before the 's' being replaced with a 'z' in v3.0. The program grew and grew, and years later, the Muze name had become its own brand, with Muze Jolt being the new name for the web browser, and Muze Workspace being a more of a utility suite.

Come 2011, Pixel Art was released, quickly becoming the flagship application from Muze Software. As time went on, Muze Jolt and Muze Workspace eventually became discontinued, and as Tytan McBride started to gain interest in photography and videography, the name Muze Digital was formed to better suit the brand.

The name Muze Digital, however, was short-lived when it was announced in 2014, as it was replaced by simply Ty McBride as a new brand. Ty McBride became more and more focused on photography and videography, up until 2016, when it was felt that a proper business name, and a proper business, was needed to make a living out of photos and videos.

So, in 2016, when deciding on a name, it felt only right to go back to how it all started. And, because this new brand was set to be more to cover the entire multimedia space, Muze Media was born.